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We get you. The down trodden. The blue collar. The victims of circumstance. Life happens…and sometimes that can make paying bills difficult. But getting foreclosure help shouldn’t be. Connect with peer lenders willing to offer you a lower mortgage with no credit score requirements. 

Our private lenders aren’t hard moneylenders. They’re sophisticated real estate financiers that want to invest in properties and people.

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What Kind of Borrower Are You?

You didn’t find your way to Avallonn by accident. Like many of our customers, you came here with a specific goal. To reduce your mortgage payments. To walk away. And in some cases—to offer your home up for short sale. But our site isn’t a one size fits all revolving door. It’s more of a turnstile, unique to each user. So let’s see what option is best for you.

Borrow With Avallonn: Welcome

For Example

A $65,000 land contract loan, with a 5.5% interest rate for 15 years, with no down payment would cost a borrower $843.86 monthly, with PMI, Taxes, and Homeowners Insurance.

Rates and fees will vary by individual circumstances.

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