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Designed With You In Mind

The road to wealth is paved with goals. And here at Avallonn, we offer the tools to help you structure your subbase.

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Subject To Financing

For homeowners that want to start over.

Use subject to financing to purchase a home. Then flip it to another investor, rent it out, or sale it on the market.

Land Contract

The Choice for income reductions.

Some owners in foreclosure are in it because of temporary lay off, health issues, divorce, or death.

Depending on the situation, a land contract may help the owner get back on financial track. Set the terms that you think make financial sense.

Alternative Living Options

Own more than one property?

Put your residential properties to good use by swapping homes with a distressed homeowner and letting them rent from you.

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Short Sales

For upside down homeowners with no way out.

Once a family’s too far behind on their payments, it can be hard for them to catch up. So help them, the bank, and yourself, by buying their home at a discounted price.

Future's Contract

An extraordinary program.

For those circumstances where an owner qualifies for alternative living options and keeps up with those payments, Avallonn offers a futures contract.

Future’s contracts are like a home lay-a-way program, where an owner can make payments toward their foreclosed home, while renting an alternative home.


Form your own investment vehicle.

Build a team or join one, with Avallonn’s syndicate program. Spread the risk around and earn hefty returns. 

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1031 Exchange

Want to expand your holdings?

Trade rental properties with investors that have homes of equal value.


The cryptocurrency of the future.

Only dispensed to Avallonn members and select crypto collectors, the Avoine is the first digital token backed by real estate assets. How's that for a tangible digital currency?

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